Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beauty on Sunday 12/23

BBC reports on the rebel force and government disarmament process, which has begun in Ivory Coast. (12/22/07)

The Washington Post reports on political campaigns in Kenya and the effect of increased technology. (12/22/07)

The Economist also reports on the election in Kenya as an example for the rest of Africa.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beauty on Sunday 12/16

BBC reports, Sierra Leone's president has launched a scheme to save part of an endangered rainforest, which campaigners say will help fight climate change. (12/10/07)

The New York Times reports that Southern Sudan's main political party is set to rejoin the national unity government. (12/13/07)

Kenyan music group, "Yunasi" was named winner of BBC World Service's Next big Thing 2007 competition. (12/13/07)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Beauty on Sunday 12/9

The Washington Post reports on a story of "wealth and kindness among Somalia's poorest". (12/10/07)

BBC reports that South Africa has released new figures showing a decrease in violent crime. (12/6/07)

The New York Times reports on how a pygmy traveler from the Congo gives voice to a marginalized people. (12/1/07)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beauty on Sunday 12/2

The New York Times reports, Malawi's "successful use of subsidies is contributing to a broader reappraisal of the crucial role of agriculture in alleviating poverty in Africa and the pivotal importance of public investments in the basics of a farm economy: fertilizer, improved seed, farmer education, credit and agricultural research." (12/2/07)

BBC reports, former South African President Nelson Mandela spoke at a concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, where international musicians were performing alongside local talent to mark the 20th Wold Aids day. (12/1/07)

BBC reports that the drop in measles deaths in Africa has dropped from an estimated 396,000 to 36,000, meaning the United Nations target to cut measles deaths by 90% by 2010 has been hit four years early. (11/30/07)

BBC reports, on the 5 month trial of One Laptop Per Child in Abuja, Nigeria. (11/28/07)